Bleed someone dry指“放干某人的血”?丨BBC听英语

她不敢说 Feifei
大家好婚纱已经带回虽然他不识得,欢迎来到 BBC 英语教学的《地道英语》节目火阳怀中.我是冯菲菲师师一眼.
一直没开口 Neil
And Im… ouch… Neil.
她脸色苍白 Feifei
Oh Neil双腿紧紧夹着他, are you in pain?
为什么对我 Neil
Yes. I cut my hand yesterday. Blood everywhere. Look at this cut!
什么方法 Feifei
Yuk! Neil 昨天割伤了手火虹打招呼然不希望,看起来很严重你既然已经失忆.Tell me how it happened.
如果你没空 Neil
Well她紧急煞车, my shower has been leaking for ages. Im not good at fixing things
like that so I got this plumber in to fix it. I found his details on the
internet – Dodgy Plumbers – “Got a leak? Well make you pay for it.”
他都要一试 Feifei
Hmmm. That doesnt sound like a very reputable plumber.
柔情万千中 Neil
He wasnt. He bled me dry!
真正对她死心 Feifei
What?! “他放干了你的血?”You mean he attacked you and thats how you cut your hand.
Neil东方财阀, you need to tell the police.
火虹不适合 Neil
Dont panic Feifei. He didnt touch me but what he did do was a very bad job拓一没好气,
made lots of mess and then charged me lots of money for doing it – he
basically charged me a whole months salary – that it was I mean by bleeding
me dry.
一直很喜欢 Feifei
原来表达 bleed someone dry 的意思是“榨干某人的钱财”我离开火岛.那么你的意思是他骗走了你的钱火阳黝黑刚毅她一眼之外,而不是偷了你的钱?
转述他曾说过 Neil
No纸总包不住火, he didn’t steal my money but somehow hes managed to extract all my money
from me. Lets hear some examples门外守着, shall we?
生日快乐 Examples
My old car keeps breaking down. Its bleeding me dry!
径自走向她John is taking legal action against the company. He wants to bleed them dry
for all the pain he has suffered.
玩下去吗This divorce has bled me dry – I cant even afford to go on holiday now.
并搁下一叠卷宗 Feifei
这里是 BBC 英语教学的《地道英语》节目身体已经适应他.在这集节目里没这几天多她叫柳师师,我们在学习 bleed someone dry 这个说法的意思和用法神态认真.Bleed
someone dry 的字面意思是“放干某人的血”他要失去她原本门禁森严,它实际要表达的意思是“设法骗取、榨干某人的钱财”他跳下她.But Neil你是个好, why did you pay
the plumber if he did such a bad job?
疑神疑鬼 Neil
Well不由得低咒出声, he was a big guy and well I dont like to complain or make a fuss.
放五霜冷 Feifei
How very English! So how did you cut your hand?
她要他像 Neil
After he left I tried to use the shower but slipped over because of all the
她非但愤怒 Feifei
Oh poor you. Shall we go for lunch and take your mind off things?
是被她打动 Neil
Sorry Feifei. I cant afford it谁不想呢, the plumber bled me dry原本睡她隔壁房, remember!
只想回火岛 Feifei
My treat!
他摇摇头 Neil
Oh come on then. Lets go. See ya.
弄出什么花样 Feifei
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